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Roommate dating my ex

Published: 08.01.2018

Jan 13, 3. Search titles only Posted by Member: Hopefully this will break the ice because I am debating asking her out on a "real" date.

Hey Relationship_Advice. I want some advice on what to do about my situation. I am at wit's end at the moment. My ex and i mutually broke off.

She's your best friend? I want you to keep in mind that an explanation of your behavior, if true, does not excuse you from anything negative you may have done. That's a very childish way of dealing with children. I certainly would not do something like that to a friend. I mean I loved you both so much and I couldn't choose. What Guys Said 4. I think this is one of those times it is okay to get away got a while.

I think it's what's happening to me.

Apr 12, Lacey, WA. While what's going on between the OP and the Ex-gf may seem like nothing, its obviously the seeds of a relationship and I'd bet a hundred bucks that says they both are really into each other.

YOU are wrong in this, not them. Just be conscious of how your actions will affect him.


Take a breath, relax, and remember the improvements you have made in your life since the breakup. I had my suspicions all along, but it was finally presented to me two days ago. Biologically, it should make you mad because another male just dominated you for her, even if the social mentality is at ease. Not the weird guy, right? If you guys saw eachother for a couple of weeks and decided you weren't for eachother and parted on good terms, shouldn't be too bad.

    1. Moonic - 12.01.2018 in 16:17

      On the other hand, he might be ok with you guys dating.

      Jimm_Brooks - 22.01.2018 in 04:01

      Not very cool at all. The latter is quite a weird antisocial individual, but harmless.

      Marco_Polo - 23.01.2018 in 12:09

      But I just want to petition to you, I'm not telling you that I consider this to be truth I just want to contribute to the tank of ideas going around.

      Jackie_Shepard - 29.01.2018 in 01:51

      She was dating my roommate. Search Forums Recent Posts.

      Guillermo_Soto - 03.02.2018 in 02:25

      Sep 22, Montgomery County, PA. If this women has the ability to send you into panic attacks without even seeing her, then you aren't quite as well off as you think you are without her.

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