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9th grader dating a 6th grader

Published: 08.02.2017

Half your age plus seven. Remains - 2D platformer and shooter with RPG elements 3. They're either mature or not.

Sep 14, 2009 · A friend of mine had a sixth grade girlfriend in the 9th grade and it was fine, its not a big deal but if the girl is younger she might be called a slut or something.

My knee-jerk reaction was "That's creepy as fuck" though.

Is it ok for a 9th Grader to Date a 6th Grader? In my opinion, dating should be aloud for teens all ages. Porkchop Porkchop Member since: KillerCRS KillerCRS Member since:

A 8th grader asking out a 6th grader

I felt iffy about that. Send Private Message Browse All Posts Block Forum Stats Member Level 18 Melancholy. Was this answer useful? Be aloud too date because once again we are just kids. Most to Least Likes:

    1. Dexter_Shooter - 11.02.2017 in 16:23

      NG Logs I love this list. Everyone just needs to enjoy being friends.

      Franklin_Colombo - 16.02.2017 in 05:58

      Search titles only Posted by Member: Is it weird that a 11th grader 17 yrs old is dating a 9th grader 15 yrs old?

      good_pacan - 20.02.2017 in 00:37

      In highschool it depends and in … college and beyond a year isn't that bad of an age difference. I used to bang this incredibly sexy Freshman when I was a senior.

      Vitalik_Panow - 23.02.2017 in 05:00

      Is it ok for me to date a 6th grader in the 9th grade?

      Nikolay_Deluks - 25.02.2017 in 04:53

      It just causes drama and jealousy.

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