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Hon matchmaking connection timed out

Published: 27.01.2017

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Odd connections, matchmaking timed out, limited the search parameters won't clear out when graphics seem steady so it's definitely not connection it has.

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Same thing on PS4, only on packages offered for free.

Hitchens Hitchens Snitch Members Joined: I cant believe you did that haxxor! I'm having the same problem, but on all the maps it's the same on my xbox also when you do get on after about 20mins of retrying the sever shows 20 of 32 and puts you in a que with 20 other players waiting to get on the server, this has only started happening since the update.

Open NAT and ports forwarded.

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Sep 2, Posts: Oct 16, Posts: I hope this doesnt last long, I just bought the damn game and I cant even play it. Having this issue also all modes. It looks like you're new here.

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