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Dating velox photo paper

Published: 18.12.2017

Special contact printing frames were made which held the negative and paper in close contact under a piece of glass. In printed images the grey areas are usually made up of black marks that are spaced to create the optical illusion of greys. In this connection, at around 0.

A stamp can be one of the most significant parts of a photograph. The stamping can is useful in dating photo paper. Velox,' the photo.

Give them a gift card. An error has occurred. Large quantities could also be produced in consistant color because they did not require toning. An additional liquid version was introduced at the same time as the illustration above. Cream Fine Lustre, Normal, Doubleweight.

These developers should be allowed to stand about 0.

The new coding system for Bromide, Bromesko and Velox papers stated Tint, Texture, Surface, Contrast Grade No. Velox in the s. Back labels of above Boxes and Packet. Capstaff of the Eastman Kodak company in

The New Amsterdams - Picture In The Paper

In , Verichrome Pan and Plus-X 35mm film were both rated at 80ASA ISO until , when the speed was doubled no change to the film to ASA ISO. Homemade stencils were rarely perfectly symmetrical and are a tell tale sign of non-commercially printed cards.

The developer was originally for use as a general purpose developer for films, glass plates, Bromide and Velox papers, and available in powder or liquid form. A formula devised by the author gives excellent results on vintage papers, with less speed loss than with the lithographic developer.

HP Premium Plus Glossy Photo Paper, 5" x 7", Pack Of 60 Sheets. Mix one part A and one part B.

    1. Chris_Jerichoo - 20.12.2017 in 13:18

      VeloxUSA HotchkissFrance StoneleighGreat Britain Wills-STE Jun 13, Larger sizes and boxes were sold in dozens and half-dozens.

      Vladislav_Golubev - 25.12.2017 in 16:01

      Please refer to number in RED under image or description of the stamp boxes.

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