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Persona 3 fes dating guide

Published: 19.02.2017

I'm still playing through FES now and I've had no trouble with the different S-Links. When you fuse, the end result will often inherit skills from either one or both of the Personas you're using. Once you gain control, follow the monorail until you reach the train.

For Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "dating - cheating guide?".

Talk with him and once Koromaru joins your party, talk with him and you'll retrieve Akinari's pen. Gta 4 Dating Guide. It'd be a good idea to get your stats up pretty quickly as some social links require you to be at a certain level with your Academics, Charm, and Courage. Mitsuru will be a great help for this form. So just take them in turns but if the girl you're currently dating is not avaible work to get one of the others up to 5? You've seen me say it in all of my other pieces of work, but without you all, I wouldn't be making these guides in the first place.

Yukari thinks back to the time she confronted Mitsuru emotionally in Kyoto three years prior and thinks of doing the same thing now, but this saddens her since it would be repeating what's already been done. Persona 3 Fes Dating Guide. He finds her in disbelief and tears. Keep in mind though that the Arcana, or social link, itself won't raise by 1 level everyday.

Over the debate about what to do with the keys, however, Yukari reveals that she had kept telling herself to keep moving forward to cope with the protagonist's death, but now that she has a chance to save him, she'll take it no matter what. After school, go to the Naganaki Shrine and talk with the little girl near the jungle gym.

Persona 3 FES - Part 57 :: Clash of the Girlfriends!

Jan 16, Messages: She, along with the other members of SEES make a promise that they will make the most out of their own lives in order to respect the protagonist's will and ease his burden. If they are, then you'll ace the exams if you got the other answers right.

Your next objective is to destroy two mirrors to break the seal to the second shadow. Search titles only Posted by Member: It doesn't matter which one you join since the Arcana from the social link will be the same, as will the person on the team.

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